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Analysis of the hacker attack on TV 5 Monde

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On Wednesday April 8th French TV5 Monde was attacked and their transmissions were seized.  Their social media accounts were used to spread the ids of French soldiers. How and why could this happened?

The cyber operation against the French TV channel is interesting out of several reasons. One is the technical aspect regarding the possibility to over take these kinds of systems to send messages. The second is the security political aspect regarding who the stakeholders are behind the attack, their purpose and motive, i.e. the how and the why. At the time of writing it should also be said that the information surrounding the event is scarce, which can affect the analysis of the actual course of events.

TV5MondeWe started with trying to determine the purpose and goal regarding the operation and its possible execution. The first question was how it was done technically. How did they manage to…

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Dette innlegget ble postet den april 15, 2015 av i Generelt.

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